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All people deserve access to justice, protection from violence, and the opportunity to stay together with family, no matter where they were born or how much money they have.

Participating establishments will donate 10% of proceeds from November 14th to the NW Immigrant Rights Project, a Washington state-based non-profit that has been defending and advancing the rights of immigrants in Washington State since 1984 and serves over 20,000 community members from over 130 countries every year.

The largest legal-services organization serving low-income immigrants and refugees in the Pacific Northwest, NW Immigrant Rights Project provides legal representation and assistance to immigrants, including representing people who are seeking protection from deportation, safety from violence, the ability to reunite with loved ones, citizenship, or new opportunities in work and education…

 Because everyone deserves a seat at the table!

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Take Action

Ready to EAT + DRINK to support human rights on November 14?

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Can’t attend? Support the cause here and add +togetherSEATTLE in the comments