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Thursday, November 14, 2019

EAT + DRINK to support one of the most important human rights issues of our time by visiting your favorite local restaurants and businesses. More than 140 businesses participated in 2018.

Participating establishments will donate 10% of proceeds from November 14 to NW Immigrant Rights Project.

Your support helped us serve clients like Yolany Padilla, a mother who was cruelly separated from her young son, Jelsin, by the United States government last summer.
— NW Immigrant Rights Project
Over 200 asylum seekers were brought to WA State as part of the ‘zero tolerance’ policy – many of them parents with no idea where their children were and who hadn’t seen them in weeks. Thanks to your support, we were able to provide direct legal help to these asylum seekers by taking on their cases, getting them credible fear interviews, helping them be released on bond, and filing their asylum applications.
— NW Immigrant Rights Project
Your support helped us file a lawsuit against the federal government when they began a new policy that would have prevented young people who have been abused, neglected, or abandoned from seeking the protected, documented status the law has expressly provided for them.
— NW Immigrant Rights Project
With your support, we fought to have the Ninth Circuit Court re-hear a case addressing whether immigrant children facing deportation should have the right to a court-appointed attorney.
— NW Immigrant Rights Project
Your support helped us win a landmark settlement against Yakima County when the sheriff’s department was violating the Constitution by holding individuals in the local jail on ICE’s behalf – even after these individuals were entitled to their freedom.
— NW Immigrant Rights Project
Thanks to your support, we celebrated a nationwide ruling that will require the government to provide fair and timely bond hearings for asylum seekers.
— NW Immigrant Rights Project


+togetherSEATTLE is dedicated to uniting the Greater Seattle area and supporting the most important human rights issues in our local community.

+togetherSEATTLE was established in 2018 by chefs and friends to support the most important human rights issues in the Greater Seattle Area because…

EVERYONE deserves a seat at the table.